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We explore the history of the championship, as well as the roots of the UK drifting scene.
We're making high quality, in depth, cinematic documentary series that will let you find out how the UK drifting community grew to what it is now.


The all new and improved BDC livestream. See all the action as it unfolds.
More cameras, more angles, more pit reporting. When we kick this season off you'll be able to catch it all from the comfort of your own home.


Wonder what Matt eat's for breakfast?
Think BDC is just 6 weekends per year?
Want to see what it takes to really run a championship?
We show it all in the new behind the scenes content, and let you see the BDC journey through our eyes.

Wrap up show

It's like Match of the Day, but for drifting.
We break down the highlights and best moments of each event, catch up with the winners and the crew, and help those of you new to the incredible world of drifting understand exactly what is happening out on the track.

Have your say

The forum gives you direct feedback and lets you have your say on all things BDC.
We'll be gathering your opinions on whats happening and giving you more interaction with the BDC crew than ever before!

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  • Teesside Livestream - Round Three 2020

    4 videos

    Round Three of #BDC2020 takes us back to Teesside, the home of UK drifting!
    Stream includes Pro and Pro 2 Qualifying and Battles.

  • Three Sisters Livestream - Round Two 2020

    4 videos

    The all-new and improved Livestream for BDC 2020! Round Two takes us back to Three Sisters Circuit.
    This includes Pro and Pro 2 qualifying and battles.
    It's included with all BDC Insider Memberships!

  • Driftland Livestream - Round One 2020

    4 videos

    The all-new and improved livestream for BDC 2020! We head to Driftland to kick off the new season at long last!
    This includes Pro and Pro 2 qualifying and battles.
    It's included with all BDC Insider Memberships!
    Now reuploaded in Full HD

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