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Due to the fan demand to launch BDC Insider as soon as possible we've opened up an option for early access, we wanted to make sure there was some content here so you can check out the new video platform!

Early Access Content
  • BDC Archive: 2017

    2017 was one of the best seasons in BDC history and a helped to define a new era. We look back into what happened on the track and hear from some of the drivers involved with it, including that year's Pro champion Matt Carter.

  • Pro 2 Recap 2019

    Every year the level of talent on the way up gets even better. On several occasions, during 2019 the Pro-Am class stole the show which pushed us to rename the class for the 2020 season!
    Look back on all the thrills and spills as a new generation of superstar drivers made their mark on drifting hi...

  • BDC Archive: 2018

    2018 was an amazing season for the BDC. With the Irish drivers making the trip over to come for war, and Duane Mckeever dominating the championship it was edge of seat action at every single round.

  • Pro Recap 2019

    2019 was the first season with the new team at the helm of the championship. We faced an uphill struggle with the weather, but nothing could stop our amazing Pro driver grid from putting on an unbelievable show.
    The season came right down to the wire, with the title truly on the line as we headed...

  • Luke Woodham Interview

    We carried out this Interview ahead of the now postponed Three Sisters event that was supposed to kick of the #BDC2020 season.
    Matt sat down to chat driving, BDC, Trophy trucks and much more with Luke Woodham, 4-time Gymkhana World Champion Luke Woodham.
    Luke even took Matt out for a spin in his...

  • Buxton - Final Assault - Official Film

    When we said that the BDC was heading to Buxton, people said it would never work.
    Gladly, we proved them wrong as we saw the action unfold under the floodlights on the tight wall lined oval circuit.
    This was truly a monumental first and true stand out event, as both championships went right dow...

  • Three Sisters - Ultimate Showdown - Official Film

    When we took the show to Three Sisters last year and ran a brand new layout for the first time in BDC history we knew things would get crazy!
    The action was some of the best of the season and the Pro 2 class showed just how serious they could get behind the wheel!

  • High Roller - NEC - Official Film

    The first time the BDC went to the Birmingham NEC in 2017 it became a legendary event, when we went back in 2019 for High Roller we had to raise the bar again!
    Our driver grid had the ultimate challenge on their hands as they face torrential conditions and a circuit lined with concrete walls.

  • Masterclass - Teesside - Official Film

    When we headed back to Teesside for the second time that season, we knew we needed to push the limit.
    Legendary drivers returned and faced off against the new guns of the BDC and we saw the contest heat up!

  • Battle Stations - Teesside - Official Film

    Teesside Autodrome is the home of the BDC, so it was only right we kicked off the season there! We've seen a lot of different things done at Teesside, so we stepped out of the box and ran the layout backwards, something that had never been done before in BDC history!

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