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The fans asked for the layout to be more simple so here it is! All the newest non-livestream content will be uploaded to this playlist!

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  • BDC BMW E92 Build Episode 1

    Matt blew up the E92 during BDC 2018, the old LS3 gave up on him and chucked a rod during the top 8 at Driftland.
    Finally the day has come to drag it out and put a new engine in.
    Find out all about this crazy new boosted V8 build!

  • Buying the BDC

    Want to know what it was really like for Matt buying the BDC?
    How involved was Dave Egan in the first year?
    Which huge event that was planned couldn't happen?
    How do you even go about running a drift championship?

  • BDC BMW E92 Raffle winner

    We launched a raffle to win the chance to get behind the wheel of the LS E92 in the BDC! In the first episode you will see us draw the winner, and then see what happens as we meet up in person and show him the car during the rebuild.

  • BDC at Teesside weekender Trailer

  • BDC Takeover at Teesside Weekender

    With the 2020 season rapidly approaching we headed to the Teesside Weekender to catch up with some of the BDC grid who were out in action.
    We chatted with drivers from both classes and even some permit drivers to see how people's season prep was going so far.

  • BDC Insider Promo Shoot Vlog

    When we got the chance to go down to the Gala Performance HQ to shoot a warehouse drifting video as a promo for Insider we had to do it.
    We take you behind the scenes of how we made the awesome trailer.
    A very fun day and just a little taste of what is to come on this platform!

  • Charlie Hulme Driver Interview

    Episode 7

    Charlie wasn't sure if he was going to make Round One due to the birth of his daughter, but good news for his fans, he is now a proud father and will be attending Driftland!
    We chatted about his 2019 season, changes to the car, running an SR20 and why his car looks like it's got a lift kit fitted!

  • BDC BMW E92 Raffle Winner - Part 2

    We took our competition winner Jon to RDX to get a day of tuition with the King of Riga Martin Richards. See how he got to grips with one of the RDX 350Z fleet ahead of jumping behind the wheel of the E92!

  • BDC Wrap Up Show Episode 2

    Matt sat down with Danny and Max for the second episode of the brand new wrap up show, find out the real goings on behind the scenes at Three Sisters!

  • BDC BMW E92 Build Episode 2

    Episode 10

    Find out what happens in the second part of the journey of Matt rebuilding his LS-powered BMW E92. Will the new engine work? Will they have much luck on the dyno?

  • Driftland Vlog

    Episode 2

    The behind the scenes of what happened at Driftland 2020. Find out how the event went, what Matt thinks of everything from Permit drivers to DMEC Superstars, and see what the team do to make an event come to life.

  • BDC Wrap Up Show Episode 3

    Episode 12

    Matt is joined by Pro 2 driver Charlie Hulme and Judge Ben Manuel in the third installment of the wrap up show. They chat about the behind the scenes of what happened at the Teesside event and how it is to both judge and drive within the BDC.

  • Competing in the RDC - Matt Stevenson

    RDC's one and only for 2020 brought plenty of drivers into Three Sisters circuit, including BDC owner Matt Stevenson.
    With a freshly rebuilt car, now running a 500BHP turbo V8 setup he was hungry to get back into competition once again.
    From broken driveshafts to banter over the radio, you can s...

  • Buxton Line Breakdown

    With the final round of BDC looming on the horizon it was time to let the driver grid know the specifics of the reworked line from last year!
    Here on insider we want to show you as much of the inner workings as possible so here is the breakdown of the Buxton line!

  • Battle Arena Norfolk

    The NADT team helped us to throw a very special showcase exhibition event at Adrian Flux Arena. Our two day event was full of seat time for a mix of drivers, from grassroots heroes all the way up to BDC Pro drivers!
    A night time freestyle session and a very muddy Top 32 gave some brand new challe...

  • BDC BMW E92 Raffle Winner - Part 3

    Episode 16

    Part 3 of this series is basically a bonus episode, Matt wanted to make sure that Jon was 100% ready to get behind the wheel of the E92, so they went back to RDX for an extra training day ahead of him jumping into a pro spec car!

  • 3 Sisters Vlog

    Matt and Mac sit down and go over the real goings on that you don't get to see at a BDC event. In this long-form chat we get into the workings of events, the prep needed, and show you footage from behind the scenes as it was really happening.

  • 2020 Pro 2 Season Recap

    This short cinematic is a look back at who fought their way to the podium during the 2020 season. The freshly rebranded Pro 2 class truly earned the new name, and our permit scheme brought us some very talented drivers into the mix!

  • Teesside Vlog

    In this vlog we really tell-all about running an event under incredibly tight COVID restrictions, whilst showing you plenty of the behind the scenes of how the events run.

  • 2020 Pro Season Recap

    Our short cinematic takes a look back over the journey of the 2020 season for the Pro class, we saw one of Europe's best drivers return and dominate, but that didn't stop some of the home grown talent from jumping in the limelight as well.

  • BDC Raffle Winner - E92 DRIVE

  • Teesside: Behind Closed Doors

    We were able to attend a very private behind closed doors drift day at Teesside Autodrome. We caught up with plenty of drivers from the BDC and elsewhere to find out how people were getting on and what everyone's plans for next year would be!

  • Adam Simmons: The Story So Far...

    During the behind closed doors event at Teesside, BDC's manager, Mac Frost, sat down with Pro driver Adam Simmons to chat all things drifting!