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  • Competing in the RDC - Matt Stevenson

    RDC's one and only for 2020 brought plenty of drivers into Three Sisters circuit, including BDC owner Matt Stevenson.
    With a freshly rebuilt car, now running a 500BHP turbo V8 setup he was hungry to get back into competition once again.
    From broken driveshafts to banter over the radio, you can s...

  • BDC Wrap Up Show Episode 3

    Matt is joined by Pro 2 driver Charlie Hulme and Judge Ben Manuel in the third installment of the wrap up show. They chat about the behind the scenes of what happened at the Teesside event and how it is to both judge and drive within the BDC.

  • Driftland Vlog

    The behind the scenes of what happened at Driftland 2020. Find out how the event went, what Matt thinks of everything from Permit drivers to DMEC Superstars, and see what the team do to make an event come to life.

  • BDC BMW E92 Build Episode 2

    Find out what happens in the second part of the journey of Matt rebuilding his LS-powered BMW E92. Will the new engine work? Will they have much luck on the dyno?

  • BDC Wrap Up Show Episode 2

    Matt sat down with Danny and Max for the second episode of the brand new wrap up show, find out the real goings on behind the scenes at Three Sisters!

  • BDC BMW E92 Raffle winner

    We launched a raffle to win the chance to get behind the wheel of the LS E92 in the BDC! In the first episode you will see us draw the winner, and then see what happens as we meet up in person and show him the car during the rebuild.