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  • Adam Simmons: The Story So Far...

    During the behind closed doors event at Teesside, BDC's manager, Mac Frost, sat down with Pro driver Adam Simmons to chat all things drifting!

  • Teesside: Behind Closed Doors

    We were able to attend a very private behind closed doors drift day at Teesside Autodrome. We caught up with plenty of drivers from the BDC and elsewhere to find out how people were getting on and what everyone's plans for next year would be!

  • BDC Raffle Winner - E92 DRIVE

  • 2020 Pro Season Recap

    Our short cinematic takes a look back over the journey of the 2020 season for the Pro class, we saw one of Europe's best drivers return and dominate, but that didn't stop some of the home grown talent from jumping in the limelight as well.

  • Teesside Vlog

    In this vlog we really tell-all about running an event under incredibly tight COVID restrictions, whilst showing you plenty of the behind the scenes of how the events run.

  • 2020 Pro 2 Season Recap

    This short cinematic is a look back at who fought their way to the podium during the 2020 season. The freshly rebranded Pro 2 class truly earned the new name, and our permit scheme brought us some very talented drivers into the mix!